Tree Pruning

Tree-PruningTree pruning can profit your trees and ultimately you, in numerous ways. A correctly performed tree pruning will deliver vitality and strength, and will also help control pests and disease. Moreover, it will give a better look to your tree.
Not to be confused with tree trimming, tree pruning is done when the tree is still young, to make strategic cuts in order to get the tree to grow in the direction and fashion that you want it to.  It is important to make sure your tree is pruned at a young age, otherwise the corrections that are being applied will not have the same effect. Thus, be sure to have your tree pruned early in its development.
Make no mistake though, tree pruning executed incorrectly will damage your tree and can, in severe cases, even lead to its death. If the cuts are too deep or just not done in the right places, it will harm more than help a tree.

Tree Pruning Services

Sydney Urban Tree Services provides quality tree pruning services at affordable prices. We understand the importance of a tree to a property and we also understand the importance of a healthy tree. A healthy tree though, needs proper care, and proper care at an early age can be decisive in the growth of a tree.
Our experienced arborists understand the importance of a proper pruning and have the knowledge to perform excellent services for any species of trees. We know that helping a tree in the early stages of its life, will lead to less help needed in the later stages, and a healthier, aesthetically pleasing tree.
So if you don’t have the knowledge, skills or right tools, why risk the future of your tree and not hire the specialists?
Call us today on 04 06 06 96 96 to have your tree pruned and looking great not just tomorrow, but years down the road!